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Yesterday, me and kids toodled over to MacAfee Coliseum (what happened to Network Associates?), parked, slathered on the sun screen and went to the A's final pre-season game. A's beat the Giants! Yay! Not that I got to see the ending - we were out of there before the end of the 5th inning. Alani now needs to her own ticket to go in, though she's small enough that I might have been able to sneak her in - but it's $5 for a third deck ticket. Kyle led the way to "our" seats - section 124 row 12 seats 1 & 2.

Kids had their usual munchies - Kyle had his pepperoni pizza - the more pepperoni the better. Alani loves pepperoni too, but she wanted chicken nuggets and ketchup with fries. *weg* The drat cotton candy man came around waaaay too early, so they were done eating and ready to go home before the national anthem. Kyle likes *that baseball song*. He was singing it loudly as we walked through the parking lot. The kids yelled along with everybody else - mainly enjoyed the yelling - didn't care WHY they were yelling and cheering.

Stomper fun zone was closed, so the ended up running the kids around the coliseum - had to burn off the evidence of the cotton candy, otherwise Auntie Debbie would be in big trouble with da mommy.

Friday night, after getting lost and passing 3 different traffic accidents, I met Joey at Thanh Long. Crab! Crab! Crab! Yum. Had Drunken Crab (dungeness crab simmered in broth of 3 wines, cracked black pepper and scallions) & Roasted Crab (roasted dungeness crab in garlic butter & spices). Garlic noodles. Much garlic. Oy. Memories linger *g*.


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Apr. 4th, 2005 05:25 am (UTC)
Tabitha, you're so good to the kids. Hehe. Reminds me of how Wes and I were when we were younger with you =p *Torture Tabitha* Hehehe.
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