Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Was feeling adventurous again.

Pulled out the crockpot (oooh twice in one month), threw in 2 cups of uncooked rice, chicken broth, mushrooms and sausage (artichoke/sun dried tomato), dashi and made a version of jook (rice porridge). I don't like the soupy kind, so I make it with less water.

Was sort of bland, so I threw in some habanero chile sausages and added some shoyu. Not bad. Except now I have about 5 quarts of jook. Guess I know what I'll be having for meals for the next few days unless I freeze some.

You Are A Weeping Willow Tree

You are a dreamer, and you're into almost any kind of escapism.

Restless and capricious, you love to travel to exotic places.

You are easily influenced by others, as long as they don't pressure you.

You tend to suffer in love until you find that one loyal, steadfast partner.

An empathetic friend, you love to make others smile and laugh.

Tags: food, meme

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