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It Rings!

Finally got rid of the stupid cordless phone which never worked right because receiver didn't stay in the cradle correctly. Battery would not charge unless cradle was propped up against the wall, just so, and braced with the answering machine.

Though it still should have rung! The only way I could tell I had a call is when the answering machine kicked in.

I don't know what power I have, but the first thing that dies on any of the gazillion phones that I've owned is dang ringer. Do I just have the ability to drop the phone "just so"?

So, I walked up to Longs and picked up a basic phone. No caller id. Not cordless. No fancy gizmos. Just a phone. I didn't even take a chance with the purple neon one. Nope. Simple black phone. We'll see how long it lasts. Ring tone is funky sounding though. =(

If anybody would like a cordless phone, let me know - maybe you'll have better luck with it. I just have bad phone karma.

Let's see, I stopped cable a year ago February. I have not watched anything on network tv in the apt since. So tonight, since I just HAD to watch the American Idols results show, I turned on the tv. Now I remember just WHY I had gotten cable in the first place. There is NO reception in the apartment and the TV I've got has NO external antenna (unless it's in the power cord). Oh well. I did get bits of other channels, but not Fox. So I went over to television without pity and read the forums. Damn, I so wanted certain others to get kicked off before the one that did. I liked the person.

The only thing that the TV is used for is to play video games and watch vhs movies. DVD movies end up being watched on my PC unless somebody is over.



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Mar. 31st, 2005 11:20 am (UTC)
I really would have preferred that the other person in the bottom two had been kicked off.
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