Debbie (debmats) wrote,

You learn something new every day... my sister likes relish in her deviled egg.


So I had to come home and boil a few eggs of my own, so I could make deviled eggs the way I like it. Plain - Mayo, salt, pepper, eggs. *g*

Spent the day at Karen's - got there around 10ish - Gayle said she was going to bring the kids late morning. We quickly put out the easter bags, hid all the plastic eggs and waited. And waited *g*. Gayle got there around 11:30, almost noon.

Kids dove into their bags. Plastic grass was soon all over the floor as Alani like throwing the stuff like confetti in the air - oh and it made a nifty wig.

Egg hunt! I was surprised that they didn't want to hide the eggs again.

Perhaps it was because they were busy with other things. Kyle was playing with his new Kid-Kinex toy. Alani was eating some of the chocolate eggs. (hiding underneath the chair because she wasn't supposed to be eating any more)

Karen cooked this year - it's usually me or gayle for Easter. Leg of lamb, rice, asparagus & mushroom stir fry and tossed green salad.

Took the kids to the park - there were LOTS of kids. Looked like many families were having bbq - even saw a sponge bob pinata. We left at the first splattering of rain drops. Made it home before the skies opened up.
Tags: easter, family, food, kids

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