Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Easter baskets, well bags, are done. Alani's got a My Little Pony gift bag; Kyle's is Scooby Doo. The Adults are just getting "bags".

Gayle, Alani, Kyle and I colored eggs yesterday. Kyle kept "dropping" the eggs into the coloring bowls. "CRACK!". The Humpty Dumpty Egg was promptly eaten by the little man.

"What's this yellow thing?"
"The Yolk. Try it, it's good!"
"Hey, I like this!"

The coloring kit included tissue paper shapes (hearts, diamonds, circles etc) which you could glue onto the colored eggs and then cover with glitter. Kyle and Alani saw all that "confetti" and promptly tossed the lot into the air, yelling "PARTY!!!". Made them pick it all up off the floor when they were done. Oy.

Glittery goodness all over the eggs, the table, the floor, Alani...

The kids were much better at coloring eggs than herefox and mat_t. Blue was not needed to fix everything.

Some plastic eggs have been filled with goldfish. Others with chocolate eggs. A few have money in them.

Time to go over to Karen's and hide the eggs.
Tags: bower, easter, family, friends

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