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I'm tithing to Mat - must get my butt in gear and go to the gym.

I've been tortured with American Idol twice this week. Oy. Tuesday night, Foxy made nachos for dinner - definitely yummy. Watched 3 more episodes of Wolf Rain, American Idol and played the new version of KR on the xbox.

Wednesday night, trektone and I went to dinner at Zarzuela. More Yum! We had the patatas fritas, pato con ciruelas and tortilla espanola off the tapas menu and then had paella valenciana for the main course. PAELLA!!!! A mi me gusta mucho!!! Loved the sangria. Enjoyed the tempranillo and the white wine (what was it called again?). The marzipan sponge cake (yum, but only in small doses) and the bittersweet dark chocolate mousse with sponge cake that had been soaked in brandy and espresso... The pms portion of my brain was very very very happy. I think pezazul would love this dessert too.

This was a "surprise" sort of dinner. I just drove into the City, picked up Joey at the corner of Van Ness & California and he directed me to the restaurant. Driving up to SF, I kept trying to remember if he had even told me WHERE we were going. He hadn't!

Thursday night, Foxy, Charlie and I celebrated Charlie's birthday at Vaso Azzuro. Okay, it's just bad when the waiter makes the comment that you either get the seafood fettucine or the seafood risotto. And it's not even our usual waiter. We got to try one of their new desserts - something called a bird's nest - phyllo pastry wrapped around a sort of nutty filling (we tried to figure out just what combination of spices and stuff were in it all the way back to Foxy's), then dipped in honey. Served very cold with heavy cream and strawberries on top. Very sweet. Sort of like bahklava. I just had a taste, but Foxy & Charlie were in dessert bliss.

Watched AI's elimination show. Ack... It's pretty brutal.

Foxy was kind enough to lend me kinzel and rolanni's newest book Crystal Soldier as my copies had not arrived yet. Though when I got home, I found the package waiting for me!

Today is just gorgeous. Very bright outside - skies are very clear (NO RAIN!!!). Am thinking about finding a spot outside and reading. What I'd really like is that basket chair I loved at the Adobe Pine Inn in New Mexico.

Got an announcement for wedding of my cousin Kyle. It's going to be a DISNEY Fairy Tale Wedding. Wedding to be held at the Rose Court Garden in the Disneyland Hotel followed by a reception in the Sequoia North Ballroom at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel. Oy!!! Hmm October 15th. The announcement also included a form for room reservations and rates for the Grand Californian, Disneyland Hotel and Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel plus an order form for park hopper tickets. Hmmmm... Wonder how much school nephew Kyle can miss?

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