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Have had Urban Tapestry's Waiting for Frodo running through my brain for the past week...

I'm not waiting for Frodo though. I'm waiting for rolanni and kinzel's Crystal Soldier.

It was bad enough that I had to read mat_t's gloats about how he had already gotten the book and then how he was almost done and then there was the comment in liaden_spoilers (which I haven't read yet - thanks for the 'hide behind cut', Mat!).

What was bad was going to herefox's house on Tuesday and seeing the book on the table. So close... Had some vague thoughts about grabbing book.

So I wait.

I know Meisha Merlin sent Steve & Sharon the address list in alphabetical order and that they're somewhere past 'Q'. So, the book is either in the mail or waiting to be posted.

I'm also pretty sure I was the first one to order the book *weg*. Oh well.

I'll just wait and wait...
Tags: bower, filk, friends, liaden

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