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Yet Another Gone

Tonight, I went to the funeral of Genie Fon - she was the admin secretary to the police dept. and I'd been talking to her for over 15 years. Mostly payroll stuff or budget, she was a very nice lady - liked to laugh, get into mischief. =)

The last couple of months have been difficult - Gayle, the kids, other family, Deniz, work and now Genie. I think I'm more than ready for a vacation from the angst, sadness. Really. Enough is enough! *sigh* Maybe next month.

I keep getting these whiffs of incense - this was the first Russian Orthodox service that I have gone to - Was kind of interesting what I actually understood while the priest(?) father(?) was chanting. Was able to say hello to several people I hadn't seen in a while - mostly retirees. That part was good.

Driving home I realized the last conversation I had with Genie? She wanted to make sure that everything was set up for the person who'd be covering for her.

Attached to each of the funeral programs - a packet of sunflower seeds. Something to plant in her memory, something to carry on.
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