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I got to see Thunderbirds: The Movie - Friday night. Oy. I'm sorry, I still see Bill Paxton as the guy who had many issues in Aliens II. Movie wasn't as bad as I had heard. I remember watching the tv series as a kid - or at least I remember bits... the 5-4-3-2-1- Thunderbirds are GO!. Kyle had pretty much killed all the popcorn by the time I got there, so G and I munched on goldfish.

Saturday, Alani and I went to pick up Auntie Karen at SFO. We were going to meet G & Kyle at Kyle's school afterwards - the annual fund raiser walkathon. Didn't have to wait at the airport very long - Karen was out in 45 minutes.

Did about one lap around the school and environs - (just under a kilometer). T'was raining of course. Kids had to walk 5 laps for a popsicle and 7 laps for a t-shirt. Gayle was sort of a room mother - walking with the kids from kindgergarten. Kids had lots of energy. Alani was not happy that mommy was walking too fast for her, and as Gayle had to stay with her group, it couldn't be helped. Karen & I ended up taking Alani with us (after a HUGE hooey) - a quick trip to MacDonald's and a bit of a movie (baby doolittle - which I can NOT stay awake through) soothed Alani. She's suffering from separation anxiety. *sigh*.

Alani is doing very well in her potty training! Go Alani!

Today, the kids and I went out for lunch. Chuck E. Cheese. Yes, I am insane. I do like the place as there is only one door in/out and staff make sure the kids are with the people they came with. Kyle and Alani are seasoned veterans of the place - I just followed them and figured that as they couldn't get out, so I didn't have to panic if I lost them. They had a good time - both zonked out on the ride home.
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