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Life has been "interesting"

I'm behind on my journal again.

Last Saturday, I was able to break away from kid duty for a bit, so I could at least go to the Juanita Coulson & khaosworks's GOH concerts at Consonance. I enjoyed both concerts and still have giggle fits over the whole Cthulu/ABBA song accompanied by silly hand gestures. I'll *patiently* wait for Terence's CD to come out - especially for Fan Boy Soul and Pulp Fiction.

Listened to the bawdy songs circle, but I left after an hour. I enjoyed hearing Cynthia McQuillin live for the first time =). I'm hoping she's feeling better and will soon escape the hospital. T'was a shock to hear that she had taken ill. I checked out the other filk room and that one seemed to be going full blast. Thought about staying, but it was pretty full. Me tired.

Tuesday, herefox made basil walnut risotto AND carrot cake, so I was one happy camper. Watched more Wolf Rain. I think I need those recaps which are coming up on the next set of disks. Played KR very badly. Allergies are all I'm admitting to. *g* Also watched more American Idol. Not Good. Was able to skip Wednesday night's elimination show, but DID have to check the site to find out who had been eliminated.

Today, I took Karen to SFO. She's gone on a week's pottery tour of Japan with several people from her ceramics class. Tour is being led by her ceramics' teacher. I am having a bad case of trip envy. Wanna go someplace NOW!!! *g*

Speaking of trips, we have officially pulled out of the Poland/Russia trip. *waaaahhhh!!!*. Just can't do it - life is too complicated for us both to be away at the same time & financially it's not going to work.

Tomorrow, Foxy & I are going to the Contemporary Crafts Market at Fort Mason. Must be good. Glass pusher is in town - and he says that he's been inspired lately. Uh oh.

Was checking my work email and am very sad to find out that Genie Fon, admin sec for the police dept, passed away yesterday. Damn. I knew that she was going to be out because of a medical reason (surgery?) and then it was announced on Monday that she was going to be on indefinite leave. I've known her for over 15 years - a sweet lady with wry sense of humor.

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