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Bookshelf go BOOM!!!
Took out next shelf too.

The bookcase is 7 feet high with 6 shelves. 4th shelf is nailed to case, the rest are all held in place with those little bracket thingys.

Perhaps it was the combination of all the heavy trucks that go by, an earthquake or two, the rap music which makes my floor go boom from downstairs? Anyway the shelf itself scooted far enough from one side to allow the bracket to slip out of hole.

Need to get some screws or nails to brace the brackets.

In the meantime, I have Lloyd Alexander, Dick Francis, Dorothy Gilman, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Mercedes Lackey books all over the floor - mostly hardbacks plus misc knick-knacks.

I must now go deal with oowwie from having shelf scrap against my arm while I was trying to rescue some ceramic bear statues.

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