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Yet another snippet of a a weird dream

Must be something to do with being kicked by Alani most of the night.

Dreamed that I was in a large living room or lobby. Alani was curled up in a chair next to me, sleeping. She looked like she'd been playing in the mud - definitely needed a bath. People talking while they're waiting to for the shower? Somebody selling filk cds in the corner - and I wanted to buy some. Went over to look. OOh stuff I didn't have. Urban Tapestry tapes? Heard a whimper, turned around to look and... I guess she woke up again.

Strange how one's subconscious blends real with fantasy.

Alani was wide awake at 10pm last night. Maybe too much birthday cake at the party? Finally threw her into bed with me and she slept while I dozed. I know she likes a warm body and all, but the kicking ouch!

Gayle is home. Yay! And so am I! Yay!

Why do I have this stupid song stuck in my head?
"I'll be your starry eyed stalker from the old north wood..."
Tags: dreams, family, gayle

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