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More kids stuff

Not a whole lot going on. Been watching the kids since Thursday night. As Karen had a class in Napa on Friday & Saturday, I got the kids all to myself.

Friday morning, got kids up, dressed, fed and off to school on time. Go Me!

Did the gym thing, and then Liz & I went to Ole's for a leisurely brunch. Then it was run a few errands, and then pick up Kyle at 3pm. We then picked up Alani and then hit the video place for Friday night movies. A bit of change in plans, - ended up taking them to visit Gayle that evening. T'was a bit of a meltdown for Alani when we had to leave *sniff*. Managed to distract her with the elevator ride. Yay for elevators which need to stop at all 4 floors!

Saturday was pretty leisurely - Steve came and took the kids out for the afternoon, so I did the run to the store and pick up birthday prezzie for Alani's schoolmate. 4 year old boy. I spent two hours in Toys R Us. Their selection is getting worse. Didn't want to buy anything that "shoots" or nothing too babyish - ended up with a glow in the dark car which zooms into a barrel speedway. Bought some stuff for the kids for Easter. Refrained from buying Alani the My Little Pony basket. Did buy some books and a new leapfrog cartridge.

Alani is off at a birthday party - should be fun - they're at Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley. Kyle & Karen are out - hopefully they made it to the playground before the rain.

Gayle is scheduled to come home tomorrow! Yay!!!!



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Feb. 28th, 2005 04:22 am (UTC)
Yay for the return. Hope it goes well. Get rest!
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