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10 Things I Have Done I Bet You Haven't...
Stolen from andpuff and others

I meant to post this last weekend, but didn't click on the post button before I left for Gayle's.

  1. Hiked up to the top of a hill in the dark and watched the sunrise.

  2. Taught several friends how to do an Obon dance and had them dancing in the middle of the playground during recess

  3. Did not learn what the hand gesture known as "flipping the bird" meant until 5th grade (stupid friend told me it meant your pants are falling down) and didn't know what the phrase actually meant until two years later.

  4. Gone snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef after flying out 50 miles in itty bitty plane

  5. Visited a fertility shrine in Japan - where all the bells, lanterns, altar stuff? They're all penises. T'was a bit of shock once you figured out what things actually were. Thank you Ya-chan & Laura Jean. Dear cousins.

  6. Climbed all over the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

  7. Boomnetting - crawled onto net along side fast moving boat, then tied rope around wrist, jump off net and got dragged along side boat.

  8. Been one of the finalists for the Pepsi Play for a Billion Contest. Did not win though *sniff*

  9. Was the proud owner of a 20 pound ovarian cyst. (Link to pic is at the bottom of that page if you're interested) Not the easiest way to lose weight.

  10. Held my mom when she died.

Added 11:21pm 25 February 2005:
On the night of my senior prom, we flew to dinner. Literally. Flew in Tommy's Cessna from Oakland's North airport to Livermore's municipal airport, taxi'd to the plane parking lot at the Red Baron restaurant. Had a lovely dinner. First small airplane ride. First time to try "flying" a plane. The prom was anti-climactic.
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