Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Did end up going to the gym during lunch yesterday after my dentist appointment. Got the usual "you need to floss more". Guess I need to get sonicare working again.

This morning, Liz and I made it to the gym at 6am and it was OPEN on time. Yay! 3 more trips and I get my newbie t-shirt. (12 visits in first month)

.NET programming today and tomorrow. New project is to allow sorting in a data grid and custom pagination. Why the property builder does not allow you to display both previous/next AND page numbers makes me crazy.

Went over to EB games to pick up XENOSAGA II!!! YAY!!!!
They didn't have it on Tuesday which was supposed to be the STREET DATE and meant that as I had had it delivered to the store, I had to wait until Thursday to get it. They didn't have the dvd to go with it and I threw a temper tantrum (yeah right) and the clerk will call me when/if he finds them.
Tags: gym, video games, work

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