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5 laps behind as usual...

Thursday, Foxy & I did that Costco Thang, followed by dinner at In & Outs and some KR and DDR. Haven't done any DDR in months. Brain is out of practice in interpreting what's on the tv and making feet follow pattern. Stuff I knew well, I did okay (ie Midnight Blaze)

Friday, Liz & I went did the gym thing and then went out to breakfast at Ole's. Still no bacon.

Friday afternoon, I picked up Kyle at school and then we had fun at the Scholastic Book Fair. Love book fairs. Always have. I still have ALL the books that Mom bought me at those fairs. MINE!!! Picked up a copy of the Egypt Game for me. Kyle got several science books (one on sharks and one on SNAKES - with LOTS OF PICTURES.... OY), some Dora the Explorer (to be shared with Alani) and a few more. Picked out a book about a pony (not a My Little Pony), and Quack, Quack, Moo (or is it Moo, Moo, Quack?) for Alani.

Then I helped Kyle address his Valentines. His teacher had suggested that the kids address their own cards and then practice reading out the names so that they could each play mail carrier. After a few messed up cards, I had Kyle practice writing his classmates' name first and then addressing the card. Sponge Bob cards. Oy. He kept asking me why some of his friends had such LONG NAMES??? Kyndal. Zachary. Giovanni. Emmanuel. It could have been worse, at least his name is short.

Movie Night: Ordered pizza. Gayle managed to sleep through dinner and movie night. Kids were good and had their bath and then watched The Rescuers. Dear Miss Bianca...

Saturday, we made cookies. Well, we tried to make cookies. We made Valentine's Day kittens, hearts, I-Love-You fingers and of course, the Killer Koalas. The kids had never made cookies with cookie cutters before - but they found out that they loved eating raw cookie dough (NO NO NO!) and licking the sugar off the cookie cutters (NO NO NO!) - oh and throwing the dough at each other. And the flour. And the sugar. (I give up) Did I mention that Gayle had taken one look and had decided to go shop for a bit?

Saturday night, I got time off for good behavior and I went to a filksing with trektone. As I arrived at the place first, I got to introduce myself to Bob Kanefsky, the host "Hi, I'm Debbie & I'm crashing the party, but actually Joey told me about it". (Joey got there about 20 minutes later). The only person I recognized at first was the See's Candy Lady from the Heather concerts (Sandy). Also, Carol who I had met at last year's Consonance, but I couldn't remember her name at the time and the lady (Jane) who I gave cough medicine to.

johno and chriso arrived later as did mdlbear and flower_cat and Kathy Mar and mroblivious. Heard lots of new songs, and some old - enjoyed listening to Kathy Mar's Merlin again. Heard a filk of Lullaby for a Weary World and then later on Joey was kind enough to sing the regular version. Yay!!!

Joey & I ended up grabbing a late dinner/snack at Denny's (pho place closed just as we got there) and chatting for a couple of hours. Got home around 5am.

Sunday, Kyle & Mommy went off to Mia's birthday party at The Jungle. (kind of like the place that pezazul took me too and we had a blast) Alani and I went to MacDonald's for lunch - chicken nuggets happy meal + a mini Pinkie Pie MLP. Alani was very excited about her new pony! Went to Washington Park - because of the rainy weather, nobody was around, but with her waterproof pants on, Alani didn't care. Water on the slides? No problem.
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