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Catch up

Didn't feel like adding stuff to previous update, so...

Made it to curves last Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Go Me! Going again tomorrow... 5:30 is going to happen awfully quick *sigh*

Wednesday, G down with the cough/cold/congestion thingy and told me I could go home. She said she was feeling too sick to even think about doing herself in. I stayed anyway. The fact that she could actually joke about things, means to me that she's getting better. Climbing out of the pit, so to speak. Still a ways to go, but going in the right direction.

Thursday, Foxy and I had a lovely evening at da splash splash place. Hot tub, cold plunge and steam room. Wonderful. Finished off the evening at the diner down the street - burgers and onion rings - while listening to Beatles songs and chatting. Very relaxing!

Saturday, started the day at Curves. Then dumped off more stuff at the storage unit. Joey picked me up and off we went to Legendary Palace in Oakland for dim sum. Yum. Had been craving dim sum for days. Table was covered with plates... what I like and what Joey likes - it's like those venn diagrams back in grade school. The intersection area is very small... Talked about going to the movies, but ending up doing some cleaning around the house before I headed out to G's.

G was working most of Sunday - interviewing for her two openings in her office. I made pancakes for breakfast - ya know, sometimes, pancakes just hit the spot. =) While I was cleaning up, the kids watched Scooby Doo II for the gazillionth time. I gave the kids a choice - go to a do-it-yourself carwash where they'd sit in the car while Auntie shot water and soap at them (they'd be safe behind glass - had to make sure they understood that) or take it to a place where a machine would do it. They opted for the machine. Kids had their faces pressed against the windows while the van got washed. Eeyore is finally clean! It was sort of embarrassing - 5 cars went through the washer before the van did - and they all arrived after we did. It must have been all those goldfish crackers - vacuuming took forever.

MacDonald's for lunch. Not one with a play structure, otherwise we'd have been there for hours. Alani was ecstatic cuz she got a mini Minty pony. Kyle loved his Duel Master cards in the nifty monster carrying box. Spent over an hour at Washington Park. Alani was brave and went down the twisty slide by herself. Kyle was running between the two large slides, the fish ladder and the traveling bars. Quick stop at the bookstore for a few books and then back home for dinner. (noodles for the kids with tofu and stuff; spicy chinese food for me & G)

Went to TheatreWorks' preview of the 05-06 season. Five plays: Dolly West's Kitchen (postponed from a few years ago), Intimate Apparel, Baby Taj, The Clean House and Anna in the Tropics. Three Musicals: Into the Woods, Harold & Maude: the Musical and Pamela's First Musical.

I know somebody on my flist loves Harold & Maude... Who is it?

OOOh! Foxy won one of the raffle prizes! $100 GC to Chez TJ!!!
Tags: bower, family, friends, theatreworks

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