Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Catching up...

I need a vacation... a hobbit hole would work just as well =)

Friday, Liz and I got brave and went to Curves for our introductory lesson. It went well and we went ahead and signed up. Then we decided to be bad and went to Ole's for brunch. Bacon! Actually not. I had a denver omelet and Liz had her favorite pecan waffle.

Kiddie time! Picked up Kyle and then we went to Blockbuster's to pick out Friday movie night selections. 3 Scooby Doo movies and 1 Dora the explorer. Oh boy...

Spent most of the weekend at G's. The kids and I went to Robert's park both days - one kid, Emilio, was there both days, so it was good. He and Kyle chased each other around the play structure for a good two hours. I had fun going down the big tunnel slide with Alani until I forgot to brake towards the bottom and we wooshed off the end. Thud. Ouch. Poor bottom. Alani, who had been sitting on my legs, thought it was fantastic and wanted to do it again.

G's doing better. Sunday she went to work most of the day - she was interviewing people for a couple of openings that she has. Today, she had a normal day - took Kyle to school, had Alani all day, went to coffee with a friend who has a son the same age as Alani, visited with another friend in the afternoon while the kids played, picked up Kyle and made dinner. Normal stuff. Yay!!!! She did it all! It's still very tiring, but she's muddling through. =)

This morning, if you can believe it, I was up and at Curves at 6 AM. Oy. It was fun, though I can tell that I'm very wimpy in the upper body stuff. Leg stuff is no problem. Can already feel tightness in shoulders. I am going to meet Liz again on Wednesday at 6am. I am insane.

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