Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Parked in the back parking lot today. Knew that I'd have to be at herefox's by 6:30pm, so I didn't want to park in the garage and have to deal with the trolls who control the in/out gates. Their idea of fun is to jam the out gate closed with peanut butter.

Found a space on the right side, next to the third palm tree. Realized that I didn't have any quarters to feed the meters, but was able to trade a bag of dried apricots for 3 quarters from the black squirrel who lives at the top of the fourth palm tree. He says business has been good, what with all the people wanting to park close to building because of the rain. He said he even managed to snag a bottle of apricot nectar from the guy who was late for court.

Had a lovely dinner at Vaso's. Soft polenta with mushrooms and gorgonzola, tasty cesaer salad and seafood fettucine and a glass of gewurtraminer. Foxy had the house salad and the gnocchi in a rich gorgonzola sauce. The pinot grigio that he got was very apple-like. Yum. The tiramisu was especially good tonight. Foxy thinks the chef recognizes him because he waved his striped tail at us as we left.

Oberon and Puck were up to no good tonight. Well, mostly Puck. Oberon just wanted to get back at the guy who insulted him and the other guy who had the hots for Oberon's current love interest. Puck managed to get both of them with a purple love flower, plus a dozen other people. He has to remember that you just can't leave a love flower around, they're very potent.
Tags: rabbit hole

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