Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Gayle, Alani, Kyle and I spent part of the day at Robert's Park - at the top of Joaquin Miller Road up by the Chabot Oberservatory. Need to go back up there and go walking. Lots of trails to go day hiking.

Had a lunch at Tony Roma's in Jack London Square - what happened to TGI Friday's? Kyle and Alani loved having french fries with their ketchup. I think they used at least half a bottle of the stuff. Alani was just sticking her finger in the stuff and not even bothering with the french fries.

Went to Barnes & Noble so the kids could pick up a few books. Alani picked out 4 new My Little Pony books and Kyle got some I Can Read books (2 dinosaurs books, one on rockets, another on transformers and the last on the Incredibles)

Spending lots of time at G's place. She'll be in therapy/classes again this week.

Still have cold from hell. I don't feel particularly bad, I just sound bad. This coughing is a pain.

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