Debbie (debmats) wrote,


Been spending lots of time at G's. She's still very depressed. Still trying to get meds right. Still trying to lance the boil of darkness inside.

Please keep her in your prayers and send healing wishes.

Celebrating Christmas a wee bit late... Last night, went out to dinner with godchildren Wesley, misstsapinay and her boyfriend Geoff. I left the choice up to them as to where we'd go to dinner - ended up at Tomatino's (right next door to lilacfairy's work). They had pizza and piadine (flat bread sandwich), I had an antipasto salad (with salami!) and mushroom and basil risotto.

Then we went to see Chicago at AMTSJ. Kids enjoyed it. It was enjoyable, but still not one of my favorite musicals. Had "All That Jazz" stuck in my head for the rest of the evening. Don't know what Wesley wants to see next, but Laura's interested in seeing Gypsy.

This morning, Liz, Karen S. & her daughter Hannah and I went to breakfast at Ole's. Didn't have bacon. Did enjoy the corned beef hash. Liz, Karen & I all went to high school together and spent the next couple of hours yakking.

Walked up to Curves. I've been thinking about getting into a more formal workout - something more than just walking. Liz, Karen & I are going to do a weekly walk on Tuesday nights. If nothing else, just to keep in touch.

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