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Adventures at a MacDonald's Playland

The kids were bouncing off the walls - too much energy and no place to burn it off. Alani's favorite line has been "we go to park???" She's stomped her foot and told mother nature to stop the rain, but mother nature hasn't been listening.

So, I loaded the kids in the car and off we go to MacDonald's in Castro Valley. This place has an indoor play structure, multiple levels, tunnels and slides and climbing. It goes up at least 10 feet. Netting on all sides, so kids can't fall. It also means that adults can't get in and get kids down. Yup. Stress on "get kids down".

This is the second time that I've taken the kids to this place. Kyle is just in heaven. He's climbing and crawling and going down the slides - instant friends with most kids - lots of chasing and being silly. Alani, on the other hand, loves to follow Kyle up the structure, but then once at the top level, refuses to come down.

The last time, she had only climbed up the "tube" and sat at the top. She didn't go into the other tunnels or catwalks or into the domed bubble window "room". She took one look at the slide and decided to stay at the top of the tube.

This time, she did go down the slide with Kyle. Then she found the bubble window room. She wouldn't leave. Remember, adults have no access to that level. Next half an hour was an exercise in futility. Sent Kyle up there many times, but she wouldn't leave. He did try leading her out (taking her hand, but she grabbed onto to something and wouldn't let go) Finally she followed Kyle out to the top of a tube and with help from another child, she followed him down. *sigh*

I think the playland will be off limits until she's a bit older.

Auntie Debbie's lesson of the day.

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