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Just for fun. I'd seen these all over the place and decided to try it myself...
These are the first line(s) with the exception of "happy birthdays..."

Karen & I headed out to Bay Street shopping center in Emeryville.

You know, most of the time I have no problems with 'that time of the month', but for some reason, this month has been lousy.

This stupid cold will not die. I think I've had it since before Thanksgiving.

Wednesday night, lilacfairy & I hit Dark Carnival and then had a "guilty pleasure" dinner at Barney's over on College Ave.

Had a few very nice evenings with friends - a very low key week.

On the road again by 8:30am. Sue is not feeling well and has taken over the back seat of the bus (rapid heart beats?)

Last Thursday, herefox and I went to see Arcadia, Theatrework's 2004-2005 season opener.

And then we got to the top of the Drop Zone... and dumb me, I looked down.

Just a quick hi from WorldCon.

Today, I hurried home from work, well, at least as much as you can hurry in commute traffic so that I could go to the A's game.

Got to the polling place around 7:10am, line was about 20 people deep.

Received my first Christmas card of the season from kinzel and rolanni.

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