Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Last night, herefox and I went over to AMTSJ's 2005-2006 season preview. The line up is The Wizard of Oz, On the Record, West Side Story, Lion King, Gypsy and Hairspray.

To subscribe or not to subscribe, that is the question. At $368/per person, I'd have to really like the shows. I'd like to see Wizard of Oz and On the Record - all Disney songs! Foxy really wants to see Gypsy. Lion King? West Side Story? Eh. Hairspray, I just saw the touring version last year. I think I'll just be buying tickets for individual shows.*g* Maybe I'll even take the kids. I get this feeling that not only Kyle & Alani would like the first two shows, but godchildren too. Oh Wee Willie???? Makes birthday/christmas presents easy...

Dinner at Paolo's was lovely. Cesaer salad was tasty and roast duck with wintergreens, green olives and dates was a weird combo that tasted good together. I think Foxy was a bit surprised at the butternut squash gnocchi... The New York-style cheesecake with balsamic-macerated strawberries & mint oil was interesting.

Watched the kids this evening. Poor Alani was so tired that she almost did a face plant in her dinner. Put her to bed and she slept for a bit but then woke up crying. She threw a massive hooey for some reason. Couldn't figure out what was wrong other than she was so tired. Maybe a bad dream? Stomping feet and sobs. Oy. Some cuddling and she fell asleep while I was reading them Beauty & The Beast's Sleigh Ride story. Kyle made me read all 5 stories in the book, but he was yawning and went to bed without a fight. Yay!!!

Had a long chat with G. Am going to be watching the kids the next two Wednesdays and I may be taking the kids out on Saturday.

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