Debbie (debmats) wrote,

New Year's...

Watched the kids all day Thursday. Was a very low key day as it rained all day, so no trips to the park or out to Japantown.

Friday was Karen's birthday. She & I went down to San Jose's j-town and did food shopping for New Year's stuff: sato-imo (taro root), ita-konnyaku (yam noodle), renkon (lotus root), kamaboko (fish cake), kimpira gobo, different kinds of pickles and bamboo shoot. Oh, and of course, fresh mochi (rice cake). Threw whatever needed to be chilled into the cooler and then had a bento box lunch.

Karen likes going to the movies on her birthday, so we saw Finding Neverland. I loved it - t'was beautifully done. Definitely needed kleenix.

Back to Karen's. Had j-food for dinner too - take out from Kamakura's. Ended up baking a cake - from a mix - hadn't done that in years. Chocolate cake was pretty tasty - kids loved it.

Kids were asleep by 10pm. I was done cooking by 11pm. Gayle crashed soon after. At midnight, Karen & I toasted each other with the drinks of our choice: dp and nyquil.

I was sleeping in a futon in the living room. Sometime before sunrise, there was a wee thud thud thud on the hardwood floors. A small body crawled into bed with me and got all snuggled in and comfy. Alani is a bed hog. By daylight, I had been pushed off the futon and ended up sleeping on the floor. Next thing I knew, Alani was gone and Kyle had taken over the futon. I was still on the floor. *sigh*

K, G & I had ozoni (good luck) soup with mochi. Kyle tried mochi but liked it with just sugar sprinkled on it. Alani tried it, but it wasn't to her taste.

Went over to cousins Mich & Dave's for New Year's Day get together. Weather had cleared up enough that Kyle was able to try out his new toy with lots of help from his cousins. His new toy? One of those nerf-like air propelled rockets. You stomp on the air bladder and up pops the nerf rocket. I was impressed with how far it went - and this was the junior edition. When Doug (I think he's 35 now?) tried it (one foot, not two), it went way up in the air all the way across the street into the neighbor's yard.

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