Debbie (debmats) wrote,

And speaking of thanks...

Santa was very good to me this year. Thank yous to

  • Mat deer for Dumbo dvd!!! & cd

  • lilacfairy for the Julie Andrews' Cinderella dvd!

  • tammy_g for the Rick Springfield (oooh!!!) cd & dvd

  • tiggrmish for the Simple Plan cd --- pity the poor people who will hear me belt Perfect *g*

  • trektone for all the yummy wine...

  • Crafty Foxy who remembered what I poinged at Ora's booth and picked up the picture at the next street faire

  • Kev who also caught me in mid poing and got me the hand painted tiled mirror at Dickens' Faire. Sneaky fwish

Finally got a bit of down time Monday evening. Definitely needed it.

Tuesday night, Foxy & I had our nacho fix at Fiesta del Mar followed by an evening of silliness while playing KR3.

Today, I ended up working half the morning as one of the clients had a VERY LATE CHANGE that needed to be programmed for TODAY as the payroll had to be out by 5pm. They've only known about the fact that are 27 pay periods this year, oh for about 365 days!!! Oy.

Went out to lunch with Joycie and Ron at Chili's. Then some shopping at Border's and more shopping at South Shore (Walden's, Payless Shoes, Dollar Store, Walgreen's). Much yakking and silliness.

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