Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Well, I finally got my Kaching! fix.

Met Joey at Betty's Ocean View Diner for breakfast. Hash for me, eggs benedict on toast with smoked salmon for him and he got the pear pancake thingy too - I tried a bit, but didn't like the texture.

Then off we drove up to Lincoln to Thunder Valley Casino. Drive up was pretty foggy, plus there was much traffic close to exits for malls, so we didn't get there until 12:30. Spent the next few hours winning and losing. Had to get used to the "cigarette smoke atmosphere". I am sooo not used to that anymore. Am feeling congested right now. Bleech.

Broke for a late lunch/early dinner around 3:30 at the buffet. Haven't had fried okra probably since the last time I was there (April).

Most of the slot machines didn't like me, though there were a few who'd at least allow me to play for a bit. The video nickel machines definitely hated me. Video poker finally was nice to met at the end, otherwise it was definitely a donating type of day. I did have lots of fun and got rid of the kaching craving.

I think Joey played mostly on the tables, and I'm not sure how he did, but I think he did better than I did.

Stopped by Toys R Us tonight and picked up the play mobil pirate ship. If I can find the knight's castle with the catapult, I'll pick it up and save the pirate ship for later.

Yesterday, I didn't make it out of the house until almost 2pm. Did go to the chapel and put chrysanthemums at the family spots. Went to Toy House in Montclair and found the Melissa & Doug Folding Barn that I wanted to get Alani. The shop also had the knight's castle, but I didn't buy it because it had a catapult and I needed to clear it with Gayle first.

Had dinner with Gayle, Karen & the kids. Movie night. Watched the Dark Crystal for the first time in eons. Kyle liked it, Alani was a wee bit scared by it. She hopped between all the adults. Steve had stopped by and ended up watching the movie too. G, S & the kids are going up to the snow on Monday-Wednesday.

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