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Monday night, trektone and I had dinner at Bay Wolf. OOOOOh, lots of quack quack. Started out with the seared duck breast salad with pomegranate, ginger, tatsoi and spicy almonds (it looked liked there was sliced kaki (persimmon) too). Chose a main course of duck with blood oranges, chestnuts and a gratin of turnips and their greens too. Like I said, "quack!!!" We had a lovely pinot noir from Vision Cellars.

Wednesday, Karen & I spent two hours in Toys R Us. It was still a bit crowded at 8pm when we got there, but by the time we got out it was much better. Is it me, or has their selection gotten much smaller? I wanted a nice barn set for Alani, and they didn't have anything except for the fisher price set for babies. I needed something that could be used with my little ponies and breyer type horses. Kyle wants a specific castle building block set, but I don't know which one. Ended up with puzzles and art stuff for the kids, the m'n'm candy canes that I get my co-workers, something evil for herefox and other stocking stuffers.

Last night, herefox made chili and extra sharp cheddar quesadillas. yum... Watched 3 more episodes of Wolf's Rain and then played KR3 until 11.

Must be pms'ing. Could be because I had argument with boss. Could be because yesterday was the 27th anniversary of my dad dying. It could be because I had been talking to co-worker Anna whose mom is getting better (yay!!!! - good thoughts sent that way would be good too), but has been going through the hell of blood poisoning, just like mom. Unresolved issues, perhaps?

Driving home from Foxy's, I'm listening to either KOIT or Delilah on KBAY - KOIT has been playing Xmas songs since before Thanksgiving and Delilah... well, she's just Delilah. One of the songs that comes up is Newsong's Christmas Shoes. It's either very touching or very schmaltzy song, depending on one's point of view.

For whatever reason, it sets something off in me and KABOOM, I'm bawling like it's the end of the world. Had a long and hard cry, and felt better =)

I used to do almost all my crying and raging in the car while driving home from work when mom was sick. There usually wasn't any place or the time to do it otherwise. Lots of raging.

Sometimes, I think that I lost my faith when dad died and regained it when mom was sick. According to all the medical staff, mom should not have survived the blood poisoning combined with everything else that went wrong. But she did =)

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