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Tonight, I went to the toys for tots wrapping party. This program is sponsored every year by the Redwood City Police & Fire departments. I lucked out this year! Y'all know how much I love wrapping gifts... I walked up to Karen Chew and asked her where to start. She asked "How much do you know about kids? About stuff they like?" I answered that I had several kids I buy for, but...

Next thing I know, she's grabbed me by the hand and is pulling me over to the nonwrapping side of the building. I see piles upon piles of toys, books, games, stuffed animals. She handed me a huge garbage bag which had printed "Girls" and "Boys" followed by the ages of children. Each bag was for a family. The way it worked is that each child would get two presents from the "main" pile, and then a stuffed animal, a book, and some stocking stuffers. Each family would get a family present - game or art kit.

Spent the next hour or so "shopping" for kids. Radios, basketballs, baby dolls, tonka trucks, barbies, Victoria Secret bubble bath kits with toe rings. Dragging the bags from area to area, cuz they got heavy pretty fast. =) Decisions, decisions, decisions...

You know, just because we're not officially doing a secret santa at work doesn't mean that I can't just choose a victim somebody and drop off prezzies everyday. And I don't have to just pick one person. I could just do it for a week. Cookies, candy, ornaments, little toys. Hmmm... =)

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