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Weekly catch up

Received my first Christmas card of the season from kinzel and rolanni. Also received one from Shadzz (plushie pusher store)

Today, I get to spend lunch with Alani sweetums. G's got a doctor's appointment. Hmmm, am I supposed to feed Alani lunch? Have to go grocery shopping, but I always have ramen and rice - and she loves both.

Weekend was very busy =)

Thursday after work, I picked up Foxy and aranweandur and off we went to Alameda. Had a quick dinner at Amarin (no green curry fried rice *sniff*) and back to my apartment. I had told them I had to pick up Karen at the airport and I'd be right back...

Came up the stairs and told them that K had had a sex change - lo & behold, it was not K, t'was Kev! Much huggings!

Friday, herefox, aranweandur, pezazul and I met trektone at Ole's for breakfast (bacon!!!!) and then off to Napa for wine tasting. First stop was at a friend of Joey's friend's place to pick up some wine he had ordered. Then we went to Prager's - had to wait as one of those small tour buses got there first. In the past, Prager's was rarely crowded, but as it gets more popular, it's been packed. (one of the reasons why we decided to go on a weekday rather than a weekend). Oh well.

Next stop - V. Sattui's I had to pick up some muscat for certain friends xmas prezzies. Spent lots of time in the members' tasting room. Madeira!!! Got to taste a few things not on the tasting list too. We managed to pick up almost two cases of wine plus munchies at the deli - cheese! Shropshire (my favorite!), a manchego with brandy, a stilton with blueberries (YUM) and a chipotle cheddar (oooh too spicy for me) Kev had to buy a wine shipper box...

Next, we traveled along the lovely, winding, hilly road between Napa and Sonoma. Good thing I was driving - otherwise I'd have been car sick. The day was gorgeous - that wonderful autumn weather - sun very bright, skies very blue, and there's that crispness in the air.

Gewurztraminer!!! Chateau St. Jean was our next stop. We tasted at both the regular stuff and then went over to the reserve room and tasted much stuff there. All the stuff was much too tasty to pour away, so I was passing my glass to both Foxy & Kev. I ended up with a bottle of their pinot noir and several bottles of the gewurztraminer. Was good and did not buy the cinq cepages gift pack for $$$$.

Just barely got to Viansa before it closed - we arrived at 4:30 and it closes at 5pm. Need much time go through the shop - they have lots of sauces, jams and chutneys to try. Oh yeah, and wine too. I didn't even make it to the wine tasting, though Foxy & Charlie were pulled to the dark side and Foxy joined their wine club.

Hit rush hour traffic coming home. Went to a chinese restaurant in Berkeley called Kirin (isn't that a japanese beer?) for dinner. I especially liked the salmon chow fun, though our table had an assortment of dishes - steamed red snapper, orange chicken (lots of orange peel), spinach/garlic noodles, another chicken dish... RICE! (hush Joey!) Oh, and Kev & I had hot & sour soup. There were three types of tea too (oolong is the only one I remember)

Dropped Joey off. Got back to the apt and guys played Karaoke Revolution all evening. I was nodding off during the first game, so I just headed off to bed and crashed. I think I slept like 12 hours straight.

Charlie left early Saturday morning.

Foxy, Kev & I walked up to Books, Inc for the opening (not the grand opening - that happens today). lilacfairy knew that Foxy & I were coming, but had no idea about Kev... *weg* Kev snuck around the book nooks until Lee wasn't busy and surprised her. =) Had fun - bought a bunch of stuff for da kiddies - even If You Take A Mouse To The Movies (oh greenmtnboy18!!!)

Decided to go to Fisherman's Wharf for some xmas shopping. OOOOOH traffic was horrible!!! BAD idea to go through the tube to catch the freeway. Due to stuff happening around Chinatown (street faire and something major going on at one of the churches), it took us over an hour to get to SF. Grrrrr...

Went to Neptune's Palace at Pier 39 for lunch. We were all starving at that point - hadn't had anything for breakfast. Clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. Cesaer salad. Yum... At least, that's what Kev & I had. Foxy had a cheeseburger. We sat at table by the window, so we got to watch the sailboats (a whole flotilla), the seals and the view of the bay. (HUSH Joey!!!)

Did lots of looking, not a whole lot of buying. Walked up to Ghiradelli Square and back. Watched the tourists (on both sides of the street) who were watching the shrub man who was waiting to jump out and startle other unsuspecting tourists. The Endangered Species store is closing. *sniff*. Bought a few things there.

Lee, Sean, Kev, Joey & I went to Asena for dinner. It's just a few blocks from me and has been there for many years, but I hadn't ever eaten there. Food was good, though the paella was a different style than what I like. Oh well. Mushrooms stuffed with lamb and gorgonzola in a cream sherry sauce were lovely.

Went back to my place and had an evening of port tasting and yakking. We tasted Quinta Do Infantado (1996), Royal Oporto, Macquarie Tawny Port (it had been open a long time), Muscat Port (opened for over a month) and Ficklin Vineyards California Port of Madera. I think we finally headed off to bed around 3am.

Sunday, Kev, Sean & I went to Dicken's Christmas Faire. We met up with Sean's friend Michael (aka Ogg). First thing we did was have tea. Earl Grey for Foxy, Orange spice for the rest of us. Nibbley bits - gingerbread, scones with cream and lemon curd and sandwiches. Watched a few shows, a sing-a-long (on the first day of christmas my johnny gave to me - his roger all tied up with a bow), ooh'd over some of the pretty jewelry and I poinged over some painted tiles. Guess what Kev got me for Xmas? =)

Got back to Alameda before 4pm, so we stopped at See's so Kev could get his candy fix. Had dinner at Speisekamer and then played KR3 until 11pm. Oy...

Monday, I dropped off Kev at the airport at 6:30am *sniff*, then I dropped Foxy off at work. See's Candy arrived around lunchtime, so I unpacked all 250 pounds and checked everything against the packing slip. Ended up pulling orders after hours.

Tuesday after work, I treated myself to an hour of sauna, hot tub, luke warm plunge (it was NOT cold).

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