Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Ah well, it is 8:22pm. Am I feverishly writing, trying to finish Nanowrimo before midnight? Not. I think I was just not into it this year, though I did write more than last year. I'm thinking this story can go some place, but maybe at a slower speed.

After picking up herefox at the airport last night, we ended up having dinner at Acapulco (yay for guacamole!) and then playing Karaoke Revolution 3 until 11:30.

For the last two weeks, I've been trying to get the dang blasted City's See's Candy order done. See's offered the option of emailing in your order so long as you used their excel spreadsheet. I usually drop off the order at the Redwood City store, but I had a few last minute orders come through and See's closes at 7pm. Well, using the new option was a mistake. The spreadsheet worked perfectly - it was the email portion that died a horrible death. I called See's a few days after I emailed the order as I hadn't received confirmation of the order or confirmation of the delivery date of November 30th.

First time I called I got a very nice lady who said that they had received it, but it hadn't been processed yet. I said that I really needed it by November 30th. She'd escalate the problem and have a supervisor call me. Did I receive a phone call? Nope. Called again. After being transferred about several times and given the wrong phone number to call (it was a fax number), I talked to another nice man. He quoted all that had happened from the first call and said he'd speak to his supervisor and have his supervisor let me know what was going on. Did I get a phone call? Nope.

Called again, and by this time, I was feeling very irate. Talked to yet another nice lady who said that a supervisor would have called me IF they had found something. I had specifically asked the nice man if I would be getting a call either way, and he had said "yes". I explained to this new nice lady that I had expected the order to be delivered TODAY and IF they hadn't found my order, I'd just walk another copy up to the local See's store (which is what I should have done in the first place) and be done with it. She was trying to be very accommodating and ended up taking my order and arranging for it to be delivered on Monday. (a week late *sigh*) She said her supervisor would be sending me a complimentary gift certificate. Was still peeved, but she did go the extra mile in getting my problem fixed. Will have to write a thank you letter.

All they had to say is that they couldn't find my order, or the email daemon had eaten it and I would have just resubmitted the order. This run around was totally unnecessary. It would have saved me a week's time and them, an irate customer. I've been doing the candy order for almost 10 years now and this is the first time that I've had a major problem.

And then I had to call back and CHANGE my order. *sigh* I was afraid that they were going to take away my gift certificate *g*. One of the guys was going home to visit family this weekend and he HAD to have his $200 worth of chocolates. So supervisor was nice enough to modify my order (had to go through two other people first - one who was rude). I have to remember to get him his refund check by Thursday - didn't have my purse, let alone my checkbook with me today. Can you tell that I was sleepy this morning?

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