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Thanksgiving 2004

Made it to Karen's at 10:28AM. This includes stopping by florist for flowers and picking up 3 bags of ice first! Did have to go back to my place just once because I had forgotten the phyllo dough, but didn't realize that until I was ready to use it.

Had 34 people this year - including Miss Judy & friend Jesse - Kyle & Alani's preschool teacher. Besides the usual turkey, stuffing and sushi, there was an enchilada casserole and a banana cream meringue pie. Found out that cousin Alex would have come, but his ride fell through. He was talking about showing up today, so we'll see.

Kyle & cousin Brendan had a wonderful time - sword fights all afternoon. After one mighty swing, Bruce had to tone down the fighting - one of the kids' swing was at the worst possibly spot on Bruce. *Wap!!!* *soprano screech* Oops... Kyle had been constantly asking when Brendan would get there. Traffic was very bad coming down from Sacramento.

Alani happily ate finger jello - especially red (strawberry-banana).

Cousin Dave & his wife drove all the way down from Reno and then drove all the way back, taking Auntie Nobuko with them. Auntie is fragile right now. There are some health issues - she is eighty something and there is discussion that she really can't live by herself anymore. She's been living with son number two for the past few months (she had tendon surgery) and son number four is taking her back to Reno for a change of scenery and some gambling.

Later today (!!!), I'm going to watch da kiddies. Not sure what we'll do - I've got them until 3pm. Hmmm, what kind of fun can we get into?
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