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Chop, chop, chop...

Friday night, trektone & I went out to Luciano's for dinner. Got a mixed appetizer of half soft polenta in a mushroom sauce and grilled polenta in a tomato basil sauce. I prefer the soft polenta. Yum. I had the grilled salmon with smoked salmon raviolis and Joey had the osso bucco (sp?). More Yum... After dinner, we walked down to Tucker's so that Joey could get a quart of the Rosenblum zinfandel with chocolate ice cream. Didn't have any ice cream as we were going to have some of the Australian Muscat dessert wine he had brought. Also peeked in the windows of lilacfairy's new job. Ended up yakking as usual.

Saturday, Karen & I did a Costco run to pick up stuff for Thanksgiving. Salami, cheese, egg rolls, chips, meat, and also Gayle's list of stuff - laundry detergent, baby shampoo, baby wash, dishwashing soap, etc. Oh, and season 7 of Buffy & Shrek 2. Beatles Columbia records hits - 4 CD's. Oy. Bought some fruit and stuff for Sunday's brunch.

As we were feeling masochistic, we then went down to 4th Street in Berkeley. Lots & lots of people. Quick lunch at the bagel place. Did a lot of browsing - Dansk, Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel and all the other yuppie stores - didn't buy much. Went to Vic's - I picked up some okra and Karen picked up some spices she was out of. Picked up some samosa cholle next door. Dinner!

Sunday, Karen & I went over to Gayle's for brunch. Cousin Byron, wife Jennifer & baby Guy were out here from Virginia. Had invited Auntie Oscar & Uncle Taro too. No sweeties as they were out with Steve for the weekend =( Bryon & family were out here partially to visit with Auntie Nobuko (Guy's Great-Grandma!!!!) and partially to root for the Cal Bears to annihilate Stanford. (Byron got his undergraduate at Cal & his law degree from Bolt). Today, they were heading out for Idaho where Byron's other grandparents live.

Aaron, Byron's older brother, sadly commented, when he was sending his regrets for Thanksgiving, that he had the choice of going to the Matsuura's for Thanksgiving where there would not only be turkey and stuffing, but sushi, and other eclectic goodies OR he could go to Idaho, land of the creamed this and the creamed that. He says he'll be out here for sure next year.

I so didn't want to face the grocery store crowds today, so I went shopping at 11pm. Store was fairly empty and I got everything I needed to get except for the phyllo dough and the sour dough baugettes that Karen wanted. I not only had my list of stuff, but Karen's AND Gayle's. I kept having to go back and forth because I was trying to keep track of three lists.

Diced up the tomatoes for the Mexican dip. Chopped up the onions for spanokopitas. Got the radishes and cherry tomatoes cleaned and ready for the veggie platter. Still have to do the cucumbers, celery & carrots. Mushrooms are ready to go. Made the onion dip.

Later on today, I'm going to Chinatown to pick up dim sum for our traditional pre-Thanksgiving lunch. I have to also pick up duck, char siu bow and chow mein.

If I'm feeling especially adventurous or just plain insane, I'll go to Costco and pick up Prisoner of Azkaban.

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