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OOohhh.. definitely time to hibernate

When we last left our heroine, she had suffered the traumatic event of Unplanned Cold Shower. She had then crawled into bed and hoped for better things.

No miracle happened over night, so the early morning shower was not pleasant, but it was damn quick. Before leaving for work, she braved the oh so scary hot water heater and followed all the instructions. It had an ELECTRONIC starter so she didn't have to actually stick a lit match into a field of flammable gas. Followed all the instructions, not once, not twice, but three times, and still nothing happened. Made sure everything was turned OFF (and prayed that she hadn't done anything dumb) and went off to work.

Work was not good. She had to do the crash course on SQL server. Considering she had a gazillion other things to do with a payroll application that needed to go live, she really needed either a time warp bubble or one of those hour glass thingys that Hermione had in Prisoner of Azkaban.

Got to Foxy's around 7:30 - she was late. Starving foxes are not good. The bright point of the day - he made a lovely dinner - spaghetti in a veggie sauce (yum artichokes and lots of garlic!). Watched 2 episodes of Wolf Rain (she is definitely going to have to buy it) and then played 3 hours of KR.

The next morning, before she dropped the Fox at the airport for his trip to see his family for Thanksgiving, they had breakfast at Ole's - 6:30AM!!!! It looked like the Dolores, the only waitress for the section, was having a bad day too. Bacon. Yum. Fox was dropped off at the airport at exactly 7:30, so hopefully is almost in Albuquerque by now.

The PG&E tech would be there anytime between 8am and 8pm. Nothing like having one's day all screwed up. Actually, he called at 9:30am and said he'd be there in 10 minutes. Wooowee!!! She went outside, leaving the apartment door ajar so that she could show him where the hot water heater was at the side of the house. He checked out the water heater and found that the thermocoupler was loose. It just needed to be tightened and everything worked. 5 minutes was all it took. Hot Water!!! Things were looking up for our heroine.

Oops, maybe not. As she was walking back to her apartment, she heard the horrible sound of a door slamming shut. Her door. With the keys inside. She had no money, no phone, and especially no keys. She could look through the mailbox and SEE her keys, but she had nothing long enough to grab it. Even a golf club was too short. Then she realized that the vision in her right eye was blurry - like her contact had fallen out. The knowledge that she didn't have a spare and that her eye doctor would not give her a new one unless she had a new examination made her cringe.

She tried to figure out what to do. By this time she had also slipped on the stairs and slightly twisted ankle and knee. The new phone books had been delivered days ago and hers were still in the recycle box on the porch. She looked in the yellow pages under locksmiths and had picked one out to call. No phone. No money. Hmmm. Everybody she knew was at work.

Marta, lady in first floor apartment, came home. She said that the landlady was actually stopping by in a few minutes with a set of keys. Maybe she'd have a set of our heroine's? Mrs. Mendoza, it turned out, was already here and she didn't have the keys with her. She was kind enough to go back home and bring them back. Bill, the guy next door had also arrived home (inbetween the time that the ambulance & fire engine had arrived across the street, but that's another story). He was going to walk down to the hardware store around the corner, but he left his keys with our heroine in case she got tired of waiting on the porch.

Landlady came back with keys and saved the day. Had a bit of a scare as the keys would not open the top lock and would not even fit in the bottom lock. With a bit of fiddling, (the locks are old), our heroine was able to open the door. Landlady decided that locks needed to be replaced, so she'll have that done this week. Yay!

Walked into the bathroom and saw the missing contact on the counter. More Yay!!!

Hot shower & then a day of snuggling under the covers and reading. Huzzah!!!


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