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Nov. 17th, 2004

Sunday, I met trektone at Rosenblum's. Got there around 1:30 and boy was it packed. Tried a few more zins and actually liked a few, though not enough to buy. They are currently out of Alyse - the vanilla port. Uh oh. I think I still have a bottle left.

Actually, neither of us bought anything. Which is probably a good thing as I still have too much wine.

Ended up trying the German restaurant Speiskekammer - it's on Lincoln just off of Park Street. The last time I had been to that spot, it had been Le Bouc and we had Mom's 1 year memorial service dinner. Oy... almost 8 years ago? Nice set up, big room in the back with the big brick fire place looks like a great place for a big party. Joey had fun going over the entire menu with the waitress. She was very honest about what she liked and why. Enjoyed the pork loin with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.

Tuesday, Foxy & I had dinner at Kapps (pizza with salami!!!) and then went back to his place where he, Nikari and I terrified the neighbors with more Karaoke Revolution 3. Liked doing the duets sing off. Managed to make off with a fresh bag of just baked gingersnaps, but forgot my share of the left over pizza.

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