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The Week that Ended October 31st, Part III

Hmmm, what's left?

Thursday, I picked up Thai food at Ladda's (restaurant close to work). Traffic was its usually clutter, but I made it home around 7. Had talked to Joey earlier and he was out on the find krispy kreme doughnuts quest for Alex.

He got to my place a couple of minutes after I did. Guess he'd gone around the block once or twice though. Left him to put out the food while I went after Lee & Alex. We did a pretty good job on the food - pad thai, green curry, yellow curry, fried rice, steamed rice, chicken pad prik king (for alex - string beans, ya know?), and couple other dishes. Ate more of the leftover desserts (the carrot cake from Baker's Square is huge). Had wine (this is very important)

Spent most of the evening playing Karaoke Revolution. Do you know how many times I had to hear Friends in Low Places????!!!! It was one of the few songs that Alex knew well. Joey had us all in stitches as he sang the songs in all different pitches (perfectly) and changed the words. It was a lot of fun! We played until a quarter to 1... At least I didn't have to then drive out to Berkeley and I think Joey leaves for work earlier than I do.

Friday morning, I picked up Alex and dropped him off at the airport *sniff* and then headed out to work. *wahhhh*

(links to Alex's trip memories)

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