Debbie (debmats) wrote,

The week that ended October 31st

This is a belated entry as I never posted about greenmtnboy18 and indigorogue's visit because I had no internet access...

Friday, October 22nd: Vacuumed the living room and then was out the door at 9:15 to pick up indigorogue at Oakland airport. A wee bit of a problem as I finally figured out that I had no idea what she looked like. We hadn't made arrangements to meet other than at baggage claim at terminal 2. No fairy wands, no purple boas, no cat-in-the-hat matching hats. Uh oh. I just knew that she had dark hair and glasses. Ended up examining the ladies that fit the description. Saw one lady looking sort of lost, but she gave me a strange look. Finally wrote 'leena's name on sheet of paper and held it in front of me. Yay! Found her.

Back to house, dropped off her stuff and then off to Fisherman's Wharf for the day. Wandered around Pier 39 - had lunch at Neptune's Palace where leena was able to fulfill one of her wishes - clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl! Visited with the sea lions, hit the fudge shop and ooh'd at some of the shiny stuff in the shops. Drove down Lombard Street and after seeing the street, leena decided she didn't need to go down it on a skateboard. Next stop, Golden Gate Bridge. She took lots of pictures but decided that walking across was not on her list of things she really wanted to do. Drove over the Richmond/San Rafael bridge on the way home so she got the three bridge tour.

Picked up herefox at the BART station around 6:30. We all hung out and chatted. trektone was going to pick up the pizzas at Zachary's Pizzas and arrive at my place around 9pm. Left Foxy & leena at the apt to install stupid showerhead and wait for Joey, while I picked up lilacfairy so that we could pick up greenmtnboy18 at Oakland airport. Dumb me, I had forgotten to check the flight status and found out that Alex's plane was going to be an hour late. Rats! So, Lee & I found seats at baggage claim and chatted until Alex finally showed up.

Lots of pizza, drinks (both wine & sodas), munchies and good company!!!

Saturday, October 23rd: Day was a bit overcast. Weather forecast - Rain? Oh well. Alex, leena, Foxy & I headed off to Muir Woods. Yeah, it rained, but that meant that there were few people out and about. Wandered around the valley floor, enjoying the crisp October weather and all the rain. Very peaceful. Saw a parts of a huge tree that had fallen in April. Awesome. Gift shop was doing great business on those plastic rain ponchos. I didn't buy anything *g*. Everybody else...

Next stop, Dark Carnival. Picked up Jim Butler's Furies of Calderon, Jonathan & Faye Kellerman combo book for Gayle (it was her birthday) and a few this and that. (got 'leena the first Liaden books *weg*) Alex managed not to buy any books, just toys. What's the matter with him?? *g*

Quick buffet lunch at India Palace. I don't think that leena or Alex had had that much experience with Indian food. They seemed okay *g*. They were all well enough to have a good time at See's Candy in San Leandro. I had introduced Alex to See's truffles in August and he was hooked. mahwhahahahahaha... Bought Kyle & Alani the Halloween box. I'm sure Gayle was happy about all that sugar. *weg*. As there wasn't that much time before we had to head out to San Francisco, we stopped at the new Renaissance shop on Park Street. Alex was bad and bought a lovely shirt. He also got his picture taken with the pirate statue out front.

San Francisco - we picked up Lee and then headed over to the Stinking Rose. As we had an hour to kill, Alex, Foxy & I explored Chinatown, while Lee & leena checked out the bookstore. Joey met us at the restaurant and we all filled ourselves with garlic, garlic and then more garlic. Love bagna calda. The garlic crab that Joey & I split was wonderful.

Back to my place for more desserts (gotta love leftovers), killed a bottle of wine (need to drink more!), and lots of great conversation. Lee snoozed in one corner and leena in another. The rest of us ended up talking about vrondis. A very strange conversation it was. "Silly" might actually be a better description.

Sunday, October 24th: Faire!!!!
Drove out to Casa de Frutta for the new Renaissance Faire. Was afraid that we were going to have to go slogging through the rain. Nope. Lovely weather. Had a blast. It had rained the day before, so the grounds were wet - lots of straw laid over the muddy areas. Almost talked Alex into a pendragon outfit, but he proved to have a tighter clasp on his wallet than either Foxy or I could undo. Ah well, next time. Talked to glass pusher, but I was good and didn't buy anything. Really thought about a few, but I was GOOD. Did buy the Ancient Oak/Fairy Tree picture. Want the Path To Light one too - maybe I'll buy it at the Harvest Festival in November. Also bought a headscarf at Nomadia. Now I just have to figure out how to wrap my head with it.

Enjoyed Broon show (he's still recovering from a fall from being hung upside in a straight jacket when the pulley? branch broke. OY!!!!) Loved Habi'ru's show. As it was the last show of the season, they went all out and got silly. Lots of fun. Stayed for the Moonie & Broon combined show. As it was their last show of the season, they were very silly too. The money raised from this last show went towards the emergency fund - one that cares for injured performers. The finale was lighting a fire stick on fire, then one nipple, which in turn would light the other guy's nipple which would then light the other fire stick. Chest banging? Weird. Cringed as you heard the chest hair go sizzle. Yes, we got to see both manly chests. (yes, Broon's butt is still lovely to look at). They had to try several times before they finally got it right.

Back home. Quick showers. Love my new showerhead!!!

Dinner at Acapulco and then everybody crashed.

Monday, October 25th: We made it out the door by 6:30am and dropped 'leena off *sniff* at the airport for her return trip. Foxy & I went off to the salt mines.

Tuesday, October 26th: Worked all day while everybody else was off in the city playing at the pirate store and eating crepes. *pout*. Met up with Lee, Alex & Joey and off we went for dinner at China Gourmet. Back to Lee's (love double shots of allergy meds... it works!) and spent the rest of the evening making Joey sing. We did sing along, but it was mostly listening to Joey. =). YAY!!! Joey played Puff the Magic Dragon especially for Lee. I got to hear Cranes Over Hiroshima & Lullaby for a Weary World.

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