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Chez Panisse

Last night, trektone took me to Chez Panisse for my birthday dinner. I'd been hearing about this restaurant for most of my life, but I had never gone there.

I was determined NOT to be late for a change, especially as we had a 6:15 seating. Left the house at 5:15, drove through super slow traffic through Berkeley, found a parking spot (wooowweee miracles do happen) and was at the restaurant by 6 pm. It took 45 minutes to get from my place to the restaurant - which was less than 11 miles away.

I want the building that Chez Panisse is in. Lots of craftsman decor - like the Grand Californian at Disneyland. Oooooh. We were seated in a nook underneath the staircase - love the wood decor. Waiter was very knowledgeable and water glass was kept full. (yay!!!)

Wednesday, November 3

  • Warm escarole salad with chanterelles, roasted onions, and rabbit rillettes toast

  • Razor clam chowder with pancetta, celery, and leeks

  • Grilled Wolfe Farm quail with herb and pork crépinette, Madeira sauce, turnip purée, and sautéed green beans

  • Quince soufflé

Joey was able to get me a different veggie than green beans. Y'all know how much I *love* green beans. Can't remember what the veggie is called, but it was some kind of thistle - looked like celery, but tasted like artichoke. Yum. Salad was wonderful- all kinds of different tastes and textures. I've never seen a shallower soup dish, t'was interesting. Quail was good, and madiera sauce was especially yummy - liked the turnip stuff too. Only problem with eating quail in public, is that it would have been so much easier to eat it with fingers, rather than to try and cut it up with knife and fork.

Joey ordered a flight of wine with dinner, and waiter was kind enough to pour me enough to taste the different wines. Started out with a Vouvray, then a sauvignon blanc, followed by a chianti and finished up with a muscat. (YUM). My souffle had a candle stuck to plate and a wee happy birthday banner. It dawned on me later that it would not have been good to have stuck the candle in the souffle. It would have been a flat souffle then. *grin*

Chocolate truffle rolled in bittersweet cocoa and served with candied orange peel was a perfect way to end the meal.

Stopped by Black Oak book store, and bought Murder By Magic & Summoned to Destiny. Will need books for this weekend.

Thank you Joey!!!


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Nov. 5th, 2004 08:43 am (UTC)
Was still thinking about that dinner last night. The salad, soup, crepinette and souffle, oh and truffle, continue to remind me I should go to the Cafe more often. The veggie substitute: cardoon.
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