Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Still no phone, no dsl. Stupid thing.

I still have no voice phone (but it's fixed! No it's not. Intermittent dial tone does not equal fixed)

Voice tech came out on Saturday when I was not home. Left message to call him, but did not leave note.

Came home Saturday night to find data portion not working. Got a hold of tech after 5pm on Monday and found out that there was a short in the data portion of the line and he had turned it off.

SBC phone tree hell is not helpful. Customer service not super helpful either. Frustrating. Finally got a person to schedule a tech visit for dsl line to FIX THE DAMN thing. Voice tech says that voice problem should clear itself once data portion fixed. I will believe it when I see it.

I am waiting for call from data tech so that we can schedule a time. It had better be Wednesday. I have already taken a day off for it as I can't work (no vpn) and I have to be there to let them in.

Traffic was hellish this morning. 4am accident on 880 meant almost 2 hour commute.


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