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tithing to Mat

Just got home. Had to stop by store and pick up new showerhead. Splurged on a pressurized one as the water pressure in the apt is not very strong.

Stopped by book store to get Tamora Pierce's Trickster's Queen, Nora Roberts newest and Mercedes Lackey's Phoenix & Ashes. Wanted Jim Butcher's Furies of Calderon, but Walden's didn't have it. Will have to pick it up at Dark Carnival on Saturday. I have to be good and NOT start reading any of them until I finish cleaning. Really. Must. Resist.

Brain is so dead. Wasn't paying attention, and started going up the down escalator. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Banged head on tailgate. It didn't go up as fast as I thought it would. Turned right into it.

St. Louis won! Yay!!!!

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