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time to crawl back under the covers

My cell phone online account got messed up which resulted in me being stuck on the phone with customer service for almost an hour. Got transferred around to 5 different people and everytime I got transferred, I had to explain what the problem was. There was a bug in their software which would not unlock the account. I thought most places have problem tracking software? Everybody was very nice and all, but so inefficient. GRRRRRRRRRRR...

And then there's my regular phone. I think the storm did something to it. The DSL portion works fine, but the voice part has gone kaboom. At least I could file a trouble ticket online and write out everything I did (unplug it from the wall jack, try another phone etc). Early in the day, I had managed to get a dial tone for a short time by unplugging it from the wall jack and then plugging it back in. For a while I also got crackling type noises on the line, and then finally, nothing at all. A tech will be out next Wednesday morning to fix it. *sigh*

And then there's the books. I've got a mountain of hardbacks in the living room which have to be packed away before indigorogue gets here on Friday. I finally gave in and rented a storage unit so that I could have space to figure out what do with it. I've given myself a deadline of 3 months.

Edit: 11:06pm. And then there's this baseball game. Damon got a grand slam & another home run. Damn. Watching the game was like watching the last few years play off games of the A's. Just painful.

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