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October 17, 1989 5:04pm

Where was I?
I was sitting on my bed, reading, waiting for game 3 of the World Series - the Bay Bridge series - to start.

Felt the building start to sway - "Oh an earthquake". Waited for it to stop.

It didn't. It changed direction - sharp, jerky motions. I heard my bookshelf in the living fall over, books falling, lladros going smash. Watched as my bureau mirror fell over and knocked the bedroom door of its hinges.

It stopped. Looked over at the doorway. Good thing I hadn't made it the doorway. Mirror wasn't broken. Wow.

Called Mom. She was fine. Both sisters were still at home and fine. Everybody had was home because of the World Series. Normally, Karen would have been coming home from San Francisco - over the Bay Bridge and on the top deck of the Cypress structure. Gayle would have been going to class in Emeryville on the lower deck of the Cypress structure.

Checked on Auntie Haru. Checked with the Sonidos. Checked on landlady downstairs (not home). Checked with Auntie Oscar. Everybody was fine. Went outside and heard all the car alarms going off. Smelled gas from somewhere. Dave, next door neighbor on the right, turned off the gas for me. Bill, next door neighbor on the left,
had come out and and said "come look!". Saw the pictures from the traffic helicopters of the Bay Bridge collapse and the Cyprus structure collapse.
Tags: family, memories

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