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Da Week

Alani had her favorite food for her birthday dinner. Udon with lots of tofu and grilled salmon. One very happy camper. She was having a Chuck E. Cheese party the next night...

Bought her one of those dress up kits with the tutu skirt, flower wreath, star wand and *purple high heels*. She shuffled around the house (walking in heels wasn't quite there yet), dancing too =) Kyle wanted to wear the shoes too, but his feet are almost double in size, so it was a no go. I had to promise that I'd get Kyle a dress up kit of his own, only he wants a harry potter one.

Tuesday night, herefox and I went shopping at IKEA. Hadn't been to the East Palo Alto location before - and it was sort of empty. I've NEVER been in IKEA when it hasn't been fairly full. I picked up two more bookshelves - they were such a pain to get onto the cart. There was no way that I was going to get the DAMN HEAVY AWKWARD BOX from the bin to the cart. I knew there was a reason I never go to IKEA by myself. Ended up having dinner at Denny's. Bacon.

Thursday night, herefox and I went to TheatreWorks production of Living Out. Good show as usual. Something to think about. Had me in tears at the end, though I knew something had to happen. Just didn't think it had to be that bad. *sigh*

Friday night, trektone and I went to see Bright Eyes in concert.
Had dinner at La Note - french bistro. Food was very tasty. We ended up splitting a charcuterie appetizer (pate, ham & pickles), salade nicoise, the cassoulet (sp? - pork & beans but so much better).

Joey had gotten the tickets from an old boss, I think. He didn't know very much about the group and I had never heard of them. There were three main performers, not sure if they had all been part of the group at one time. It was basically almost a 3 hour concert with four sets. No break. Each guy had his own set with intermittent help from one or more guys. Last set was the group.

I enjoyed the 2nd guy's set the best. Couldn't understand 90% of what he was saying/singing. Did like his voice. Couldn't figure out the lighting either - it was like he was playing in the dark.

3rd guy was the lead singer. Very very angsty. I couldn't handle his music for very long without getting very depressed or killing somebody.

Pretty full theatre, so there were definitely people hooked on the group. Ladies (girls???) next to me with so psyched that the were giggling, while clutching hands and chatting about lead singer off and on through the entire concert. People were taking pictures with those damn camera things that glow brightly on cell phones. Had to laugh as the signs on the door said no photos or recording.

Managed to stay awake the entire time. Yay! Go Me.
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