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Birthday shopping...

Alani turns three tomorrow! Birthday dinner tonight at Gayle's. I still need to buy the munchkin her birthday prezzie. Never did get around to renting a bouncy tent... oops.

Tithing to Mat at usual, I have until 4pm to find her prezzie. Current items according to G? Tennis shoes (girlie as possible) in a size 6 1/2W. Jeans Jacket in 3T. Clothes in 3T. Dress up trunk with clothes. Horsies! I may go looking for a stable of some kind.

Need diet pepsi. Am sooo out again.

Have to do laundry. I may do a load at Gayle's.

Still feeling crappy. Am now dealing with sty on left eyelid along with cold. Eye almost swollen shut. Good thing it's not black and blue. Hot towels again. Stupid thing.
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