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Maybe having garlic noodles for dinner was a bad idea...

Had another one of those very vivid WEIRD dreams last night.

Stuck in traffic jam, driving up a steep hill. Perhaps there was an accident or some kind of road contruction up ahead? Felt like noonish - sky was clear, very blue, maybe some clouds in the distance. Watched as a sky blue OLD pick up truck (think 60's) came flying through the air - thought "my he's low" as if I were watching a plane instead. Watched as the truck take out part of guard rail on the mountain side. Truck didn't go falling down mountain. It was almost like it was parked. Driver got out of truck and looked at damage. Logically they should have been falling down the hill, but there was something underneath them. ????

It felt like I was watching the Harry Potter movie with the flying car.

Sat there for a bit. Traffic was still completely stopped. Looked behind me and saw that there were no cars behind me, just a few in the slow lane. I think it was a 5 lane freeway. I was in the middle lane. Saw some road construction crew further down the hill, a bulldozer. Also realized that I was driving a semi with a load of steel pipes. Tried to back up the truck to do a 3 point turn, but the bulldozer got in the way. Road crew had me get out of truck and told me to wait at the bottom of the hill.

Walked into a restaurant and ordered a salad. Not sitting at a table, just a chair in the entry way. Looked like a nicer restaurant, not a denny's type. Pale blue walls, with darker floor to ceiling, puffy drapes. Entry way was sort of shaded - drapes were closed? Was thinking "why am I eating salad in the lobby?"

Then I woke up.
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