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The Ups and Downs of October 2nd

Woke up at 7:40 and jumped out of bed when I realized I was supposed to be at Karen's by 8am. Cousin from Hell was in town for a crafts fair and we were supposed to leave around 8am so that we could help with set up and then do breakfast. Made it to K's by 8am. Go Me!

Helped with set up and then did my shopping. Most of the items were Japanese in nature with some other cultures thrown in - this year there were several booths with a Hawaiian motif. Didn't find anything that I had to have except for the pumpkin raisin cookies and that was only because I was starving. No kaki mochi chex mix this year =(
Did get some spam musubi to munch on at the baseball game.

Had brunch at Baker's Square and then headed out to the A's vs Angels game. Zito pitched a good game, bull pen had yet another blown save (48 this year). The 2004 season ends for the A's at the end of Sunday's game. No post season this year. *sigh* Next year. Have had the Bohnhoff's We are the Cubs Fans running through my head, though with imaginary A's verses instead.

Dropped K back at the crafts fair so she could help Sy with take down. Zipped home, fast shower and was back out the door in 15 minutes flat. Drove out to SF to pick up lilacfairy and then drove down to Palo Alto to meet herefox for dinner at Palo Alto Sol again.

Went to see Uffington Horse, Heather Alexander's new "rock band". Really enjoyed it - music really energized me, made me feel so much better. Bought the new CD and played it on the way home. Yay!!!

Person who sat in front me almost died tonight. He has long, very pretty, soft hair. How do I know this? Because he was doing the head banging thing and tossing his hair back and forth. Whipping my face. He'd let his hair out of its pony tail and then get into the song. The first time I was annoyed, but didn't do anything. The second time he did it, I think he must have gotten too close to my eye, so I just reacted and kicked his chair. TWICE. He put his hair back in its pony tail and there it stayed for the rest of the concert. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...

Home now and still bouncy from concert. Supposed to be meeting K & Sy for breakfast around 8am and then head out to the final baseball game. We'll see.
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