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In memory of Becky

Was feeling very down today. In spite of working on evil plot, it was just one of those days, "don't speak to me in a loud voice" kind of feeling.

Evil plot be bubbling away.

Liz called around 7:30 this evening and wanted to get dinner, so off we went.

While I was at Noreascon, Karen had emailed me that our friend Liz had been trying to get a hold of me. Found out a high school classmate had passed away. Didn't find out about the funeral until afterwards.

I hadn't seen Becky since the day we graduated from high school and she had given one of the valedictorian speeches. At least, I don't remember seeing her at any of the class reunions. I had known her all through high school - though our main contact was because of the volleyball team. The volleyball team was forever up to no good. Everything from going out for pizza, to eating a Farrell's ice cream zoo (it was free if we ate the whole thing in 5 minutes, so we did), to "redecorating" the coach's house with rolls of toilet paper (we almost got caught when somebody hit the 2nd floor window with a roll while trying to wrap the 30 foot tree).

She had gone on to get her degree from UC Berkeley, had worked as a city planner down in LA, gotten married, gotten divorced, had decided to take another path and do something spiritual instead, went back to school. Going into some sort of counseling?

Liz and I talked at dinner how it would have been lovely to have gotten a chance to talk to her - she was one of the most logical people we had ever known and to find out what had changed her that she wanted to go into something that wasn't always logical.

For the last few years, she had been very sick with chronic fatigue syndrome. Liz said at the funeral that Becky's sister read from the letter that she left: "that she had done what she wanted to do with this life and was ready for the next step".


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