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Da bunnies???

After a busy day of slinging hamburgers (cheese burger, cheese burger!) and trouble shooting our employee health insurance program (stupid server errors - what the heck was that????), I was definitely looking for a LARGE margarita or mojito. Today was the Employee Services Fair.

Around 4:30, I gave in and called up Watercourse Way and reserved a hot tub/sauna/cold plunge room. Ahhhhh....

Got home to find a wee package on the porch.

From Tacoma, WA...
Opening up the package, I find a card and an oddly stuffed flowery pillow case.

The letter reads:
Sept. '04

Hi, Deb!
Here WE are! I'm hungry - no, you always say that. I was talking to Deb - well I want to, too! Hi, Deb! Wait, you're me, so it doesn't count. Now that you mention it, I am hungry, think we could hijack a carrot? Hmmm, good plan! After we introduce ourself, of course, what's our name again? Wait! We don't HAVE one yet, or 2. Drats!

signed B

Unzipped the pillow case, and out of the shredded newspaper, popped out a very soft, yellow and white bunnies. Siamese bunnies. Two heads, 4 ears, two arms, two legs, two big feet with pink toes.

*snort* *giggles*

They're cute. Now I just have to figure out what to call them. Sy & Ko?

Who done it? Foxy???

Ha! Found the link... I remember who showed it to me -
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