Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Weekly Update

Landlady stopped by Frday because other neighbor said I wanted to talk to her??? As I hadn't been home on Thursday to leave such a message with neighbor, this was interesting. Landlady knew that I would have called her if I had anything to say, so we both shrugged our shoulders and left it at that. Though I heard her yell to the neighbor later (in Spanish) that I hadn't needed to talk her to her??

Landlady also said that she'd be around more as her mother would be moving into the bottom apt. Not sure whether this is a roundabout way of saying that they may not be selling the house. It's been a year since landlord said that they'd be selling?

Haven't cooked at all this week *grin*.
Monday night I dragged herefox out for dinner as I needed wine. Payroll week mondays + meetings can make one insane. We ended up at Vaso's and no I didn't get my usual risotto. *SHOCK*!!! Went back to his place and played Karaoke Revolution.

Wednesday, Joyce took me out for my birthday dinner. Lots of chatting. =)

Thursday, Foxy & I did a Costco run, followed by dinner at Don Giovanni's and more karaoke revolution. Stupid Friends in Low Places. What key do you end up singing it in???

Saturday, Karen picked me up so that we could go get her Xmas prezzie - a bike rack, but the trip turned into an all day shopping blitz. Ended up in San Jose at Valley Fair? Westfield? Didn't get out of the mall until after 6. Poor feet. Stopped by Sportsmart on the way home and DID get her bike rack.

We decided to try yet another new Chinese restaurant on Park Street, The Ark. Ever since Chin's changed ownership, we've been looking for a regular place. This one has possibilities.

Hmm, they're putting on new flooring on the backporch next door. It was a bit startling to hear noises that close.

Family dinner tonight - Karen's talking about making prime rib. Yummm...
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