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Weekly Catch Up

I definitely need a vacation from my vacation. I'm feeling very drained - mentally and physically. Moon days not helping either. Need a few days just to do nothing and recharge.

Monday night, Liz called to chat and we ended up trying the new Thai restaurant on Park Street. Food was okay, company was excellent. =)

Wednesday, herefox and I went Fiesta Del Mar for dinner and then went to see TheatreWorks' production of A Little Princess. I think this is one of those musicals where you really need to listen to the soundtrack over and over again to appreciate it. Interesting twist - instead of taking place in India/England at the end of Victoria's reign, it took place at the beginning of her reign in Africa/England. Loved the dancing.

Thursday, trektone and I had a quick bite to eat at a french bistro (they were slow, so things were rushed). Appetizer stuff was yummy as was the duck. Joey had the duck confit and I had the duck medallions. Garlic mashed potatoes!!! Liked the wine stuff (lulay????). We had originally planned on going to Taste of Africa, but they were closed for some reason. Then we were off to Freight & Salvage to see Christine Lavin. Ended up sitting next to johno, Chris and Lola (?). Fun concert! Loved "What Was I Thinking?", "Glad He Can't Read My Mind" and "Wind Chimes". Bought another live CD. Much giggles!

Very glad I was not sitting in the front row. pezazul, I don't think you warned me about the flaming batons...

Friday, got news that my schedule would be changing due to training. One less telecommute day as I would be learning .asp/.net stuff and working with contract programmers.

Also because of the way we're charging out our time, certain activities will be charged to training and stuff that we'd been charging to overhead was a no-no. Even though certaing activities are city related - like employee services faire and the employee conference and they used to be charged to overhead, they are now to be charged to training budget, and there's very few dollars in it. So we can still attend these activities, but they'd be on our own time. As I'm organizing/cooking the BBQ portion of the service faire, I can either just skip it or organize/cook on my own time. Wish we had gotten a bit more notice. Budget cuts are a royal pain.

Saturday, spent the afternoon with Gayle and da kiddies at Krusi park. Alani hasn't yet mastered the pedaling part of her tricycle. She just makes like "Fred Flintstone" and sort of runs it. *grin*. Kyle is happy on his red schwinn bike with training wheels. Have to watch your toes as he keeps forgetting to take those wheels into consideration as he rides by.

There is something very peaceful about pushing a small child on the swing. Higher and higher they fly - and the joy in their laughter as they try to touch the sky is soothing.

lilacfairy, herefox, aranweandur and I went to Palo Alto Sol for dinner. tealfox, andreal and rikoshi just happened to end up at the same place =).

The lot of us went to the Heather Alexander Concert at the Unitarian Universalist Church. Had a great time as usual. Though, having the We Will Rock You version of the March of Cambreadth can make your brain go pffffffffffffffftt...

Ended up going to Denny's afterwards for a quick snack.

Read several books over the weekend. The newest ones by Kay Hooper, Iris Johansen and David Morrell. Read both Storm Warden books by Rachel Caine and Goblin Wood by Hilari Bell.

Tonight, Karen took me to Kamakura's for my birthday dinner and then we walked down to Tucker's for ice cream.
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